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Our Projects

Work SpaceWe help you to have clear vision that motivates you to move forward towards achieving your goals
Tam App''Don't worry , we can take you anywhere you want,and reach you wherever you are, all you have to do is press Tam"
MakaniMakani provides you a new identity that makes you modern and special,puts comfort within your grasp,makes reaching your destinations easier

Makani Application

Makani is an application that provides special addresses for all buildings in Libya and it aims for the transition from the descriptive addresses to the digital addresses to make the navigation process for geographical locations easier.

Our Values

InterestWork is the center of the circle, so we work hard and keep in mind the tasks assigned to us ,so you can be the center of our circle.
Expantion and DevelopmentOur circle is not static on its size, instead it gets bigger and it develops everyday with you and expands to include everyone.
ContinuityEvery thing in this universe relys on continuous motion,and the circle around us is like the wheel that represents the continuity of motion and integration in performance is what we seek.
PerseveranceWe work by the principle of ''If there is no wind , you row'',nothing stands in our way to move forward.
CreativityTalent and work environment is what makes us creatives at LAMAH.
Team SpiritAll of us gather to serve you, because the one is for the many at LAMAH.
LAMAH provides shared work space

The Team work starts here

Our Partners