The Hult International Prize is a competition for undergraduate students at all levels of study around the world, from bachelor’s to master’s and doctoral degrees; Where teams compete to create new projects and institutions aimed at addressing a social challenge, the main objective of this award is to launch a new social enterprise that can radically change the world, and create the next generation of innovators and social entrepreneurs.

We are very proud of our contribution to the societal advancement
We, Lamah, are proud to be the official partner of the Hult Prize competition on its 2020 journey at Misrata University. Where we are always looking for those who share our interests, values of success, continuous growth and leadership, in order to reach higher levels of sophistication and societal progress.

Official partners in the industry of the new generation of social entrepreneurs

And as sponsors of the Hult Prize competition at Misrata University, through which we work together to find a solution to societal challenges and problems in different ways, all of which aim to change the world, in addition to pushing students and youth towards innovation, unleashing and encouraging them, by creating an incubator that includes all these creative ideas that are adopted and launched into existence.

Hult International Award | For the first time at the University of Misrata

The stages of the Hult Prize in the city of Misrata started from a competition between the teams of the targeted students at the University of Misrata, and this competition was held on January 20 of this year 2020 at Lamah Company. Where the first place gets a prize of 10,000.00 LYD, while the second place gets free subscriptions to Lamah space. The winning team will get to pitch their idea through one of more than 30 regional final rounds.

The Hult Global Prize provides the opportunity for a large number of undergraduates to compete around the world, which in turn generates more ideas that eventually lead to more start-ups, each poised to make a radical impact in the world.

Hult International Prize for the first time at the University of Misrata | Misrata city