Yesterday, Tuesday, July 21, 2020 AD, at the headquarters of Lamah Information Technology Company, a memorandum of understanding and joint cooperation was signed between the Libya Post Company, represented by the General Manager, Othman Al-Kunduz, and Lamah Information Technology Company, represented by the Executive Director, Taha Al-Raed.

According to this memorandum, the two parties resolved to intensify efforts on the basis of common interest and goals, and to exchange experiences and available capabilities to ensure digital transformation within a digital strategy, whose impact will be reflected in providing better services to various segments of society. The signing of this memorandum also represents a quantum leap in the field of commercial integration through partnership. Between the public and private sectors in a way that serves the public interest, especially in the areas of electronic commerce and complementary and related services.

The signing ceremony of the memorandum was attended by members of the House of Representatives, the Supreme Council of State, the Misrata Municipal Council, the Misrata Security Directorate, the Misrata Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the e-commerce network, the advisory office of the Misrata municipality, and the head of the city’s by-election committee.

Thanks and appreciation to the Libya Post Company and all the honorable attendees, and we hope that God will grant success to all in service to our people in Libya and to bring about a quantum leap in the field of information technology in our country.

Signing a memorandum of understanding and joint cooperation with the Libya Post Company