Misrata, June 2021: Under the auspices of Lamah Information Technology Company, a leader in the field of innovative technical solutions, the work of the preliminary forum for the first Mediterranean Conference was launched under the title “Public-Private Partnership According to the United Nations Vision to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals 2030”, on Wednesday, June 30. 2021, in a “workspace” – one of Lamah projects – in the city of Misrata in Libya, in the presence of a group of ministers, officials, decision-makers, experts and businessmen from the private sector.

Lamah sponsorship of this great event stems from its firm belief in the importance of joint action between the public and private sectors to develop the national economy and provide job opportunities for promising Libyan youth. It contributes to providing integrated and innovative technical solutions to solve the daily challenges facing individuals, and to facilitate the work of companies and institutions in various business sectors inside and outside Libya, in addition to providing entrepreneurs, researchers, and students with a work space that meets their requirements and raises their aspirations.

On the sidelines of the forum, Eng. Jibril Al-Rayedh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lamah Information Technology Company, and Mr. Sami Shaladi, Undersecretary General of the National Planning Council, signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation in order to establish comprehensive cooperation between the two parties and achieve common goals.

On this occasion, Eng. Ahmed Abu Al-Shroud, Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Lammah Information Technology Company, expressed his pride in being with a distinguished group looking for solutions to the various challenges facing Libya, saying: “Since our inception in Lammah, our goal was clear and simple: to find solutions to the problems and challenges that Our people face it every day. From the first moment, we search, learn, and continue to expand our circle in order to create smart solutions that reach, fairly and equally, to all members of society without exception.” He added: “Working hand in hand, as individuals, institutions, and the public and private sectors, is the guaranteed way to advance any economy, and it is the only way towards building a strong and fortified society, and this is the essence of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals that we meet today. I hope that the preliminary forum for the first Mediterranean conference, which we are hosting in a “working space”, will be a platform for other distinguished plans, achievements and events in the near future.”

On a related level, representatives of the Ministry of Labor, the National Planning Council, the Municipality of Misurata, the World Food Program, and the Libya Post Company praised the strategic partnership that brings them together with Lamma Information Technology Company, and its permanent contribution to supporting local communities, strengthening the national economy and providing job opportunities for promising and ambitious youth. We thank her very much for sponsoring the work of the preliminary meeting of the first Mediterranean conference and for hosting them.

Lamah sponsors the preliminary meeting of the first Mediterranean conference